Big Bird on Campus Raises Questions

A common sight on the front lawn of the Seattle University Student Center is a twenty-five foot, inflatable bird that administration claims to be SU mascot, Rudy the Redhawk. As a frequent guest for campus-wide events like Homecoming or Open House, students ponder “Rudy the Redhawk’s” existence and anatomical anomalies:

“Is a redhawk even a real bird?
“Are those arms or wings? Does he have hands?”
“Did anyone look at a bird before creating this abomination?”
“Why am I so deeply disturbed by this inflatable monster?”
“We play sports here? What do you mean we’re D1?”
“Why does he look so angry?”
“Do we know it’s a ‘him’? Are we misgendering this atrocity?”
“We spent money on this?”

-Allison Dunn


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