SU Bookstore: They Sell Food?


Discovered earlier this week by a fourth-year student, the on-campus bookstore is now selling snack food, drinks, and other amenities. Students could be seen flocking to the store in droves. Efforts to ascertain the quality of food service offered by the store were undertaken by students, parents, and university guests alike.

“I’m suddenly super-duper impressed with the whole store now,” one student commented, “I had no idea that place sold anything edible, I thought it was just for merch for parents and office supplies. Sometimes after studying for three or four hours late at night I really crave a bag of cardiovascular wreckage chased with some fruit juice concentrate and preservatives. It’s the perfect bedtime snack in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, bookstore managers expressed their confusion with equally perplexed students. “We’ve been selling concessions for years now…I just don’t see how no one noticed,” said one of the store’s assistant managers.

-Tom Sweeney


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