“Dad” Fad Sweeps Nation


On March 30th, Mackenzie Pearson, a sophomore at Clemson University, published a riveting article on the highly regarded and critically acclaimed online newspaper, The Odyssey. Her article, entitled “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod,” has now become the talk of the nation, thanks to the publicity of three Buzzfeed articles and a short segment on Good Morning America. For those who haven’t heard of the new craze regarding men’s physiques, a “Dad Bod” is one that isn’t overweight, but one that is lacking in the ab department. (Think modern-day Leo DiCaprio or Jason Segel.) So what makes this appealing to girls? Pearson states that this body shape is more “human” and “natural,” than those that belong to the other obscure and brutish creatures with sculpted stomachs that roam among us. Pearson goes on to list why this is so attractive, saying “it doesn’t intimidate us” and “we like being the pretty one,” showing us that every healthy relationship should have a power dynamic.

Looking for feedback from the women of Seattle, I interviewed Paulette DuBois, Maggie Carder, and Louise Timmons, all who happened to be passing by Hard Copy headquarters. “I can’t believe she wrote an entire essay on this subject. It truly shows her dedication,” says DuBois, owner of her own doggy daycare. Carder, a bartender, had a more enthusiastic comment: “It’s so great what Mackenzie is doing for the frat boy community; putting to rest any doubt that they’re anything less than perfect. The only thing preventing them from getting laid now is their personalities.” One man, clad in leather, also decided to give his input on the topic, interrupting my conversation with Maggie by screaming, “Bear! Bear! It’s called being a bear!” Whatever these furry mammals have anything to with this topic, I’m still unsure.  However, my favorite comment came from Timmons, a makeup artist. She truly knocked it out of the park when she said, “Can we stop making body types trends?”

-Allison Dunn


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