White, Upper Middle Class, Out-of-State Students Concerned about Seattle Gentrification


The migration of tech companies to Seattle has many Seattle students up in arms. “The influx of higher class people into Capitol Hill is threatening the culture I moved here for. They are also running up the rent!” said Seattle University Junior Emma Walker. The students of Seattle are very concerned that the very things they moved to Seattle for, are being ruined by companies like Amazon and Microsoft. “I came here to get an education so I can get a good job, and experience a unique culture. But the influx of recent graduates moving here for tech jobs is totally ruining the Seattle experience.” Said UW freshman Malik Anderson. The students are concerned their parent’s money is going to waste; as the influx of Amazon employees is reducing the amount of “cultural diversity” they get to experience. “It’s really quite selfish, moving here for a fat paycheck. Do they even realize that they are gentrifying the neighborhood? ” asked angered Ashley Ray who moved to the Capitol Hill campus of Seattle University from L.A. to study accounting.  The one bright side of the student’s anger is that it’s translating into action. A group of Seattle University students has started a club to fight gentrification called “People Against Recent Annoying Displacement Of Cultural Scenes” or PARADOCS for short.

-Geran Landen


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