Guy Unsure if Invite to Coffee was Date


“It could have been platonic,” reflected Jeremiah Stilmes, a sophomore at Seattle University, who had just finished a vague outing with a classmate. “They told me they liked what I said in class and invited me out to coffee. But now I’m not sure if they really wanted to get to know me better or was hitting on me.” The coffee “get together” was comprised of plenty of arm-touches, long eye-contact, and at one point they swapped drinks. “But there were parts that make me question whether or not it was platonic. I mean we actually did talk about what I said in class. But they also said that I look like their brother. And that I smelled like their childhood dog that they loved to smithereens. So, like, do they want to be friends or date? How can I tell the difference?” When asked about their intentions, the other party clarified that “I like to keep things vague as hell. Keep them wondering. I do it to everyone.”



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