“Bad Blood” in the Music Industry: Not “Feeling” It


Last week marked the release of Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated music video “Bad Blood.” The video was launched into the world with literal blazing fire and a cast mostly composed of supermodels.

But something was lurking on the horizon for the Pop-Princess. Something Swift could have never imagined. Something that would bring her whole world crashing down: an impromptu music video release from Queen Bey (Beyoncé) and The Queen of Rap (Nicki Minaj)…“Feeling Myself.”

“Feeling Myself,” clearly released out of malice, added more fuel to feud that has been brewing between the artists. The competition between these three women who produce music in different genres is through the roof, according to some dude eating microwaveable taquitos and surfing the Internet with nearby lotion and tissues. “Tay had to go through a whole regiment of publicity and promotion to get anyone to watch ‘Bad Blood.’ Bey and Nicki just release ‘Feeling Myself’ out of the blue. Taylor can pretend she’s in the same league, but she’s got nothing them. They stole her headlines without having to lift a finger. I mean, if they were to physically fight, we all know who’d win.”

Apparently, only two powerful and talented women are allowed exist in the music industry. And Taylor, whose video was also widely successful—breaking a Vevo record with 20.1 million views in 24 hours, just isn’t one of them.

– Allison Dunn


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