Entitled Student Who Pays $56,481 A Year Demands Voice At School


SEATTLE, WA — In another selfish move that surprised no one in other generations, millennial Economics student at Seattle University, Moses Nieto demanded a voice on University Affairs.

In a brazen attempt at a radical transformation of the University, Nieto wrote in an email to school administrators, saying, “I have several concerns with the recent decision to merge the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the International Student Center.”

The Anarchist, who is clearly using this as an opportunity to push an agenda that would throw the Seattle college into a collision course with the mixed-capitalist economy of the United States didn’t just stop there, later in the email introducing a list of ludicrous ultimatums including, “would it be possible to use the recent ‘Big Important Survey’ results on Campus Climate in the decision,” and, “I also think that a committee could be formed with a student voice on it.”

Although clearly an extremist view from another narcissistic child of the 1990’s, the University still responded by holding several Town Halls where more level-headed students could reaffirm their already made decision and self-censor their far-reaching classmates.
In time we can only hope that Mr. Nieto will realize that money does not equal speech.

— Mark Wilson


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