Seattle University Student is “So busy”


Seattle, WA–In a shocking development, Jeff Klanson, a Seattle University Junior, has declared that he has “way too much work.” The student, who was found in the library groaning, spent much of Tuesday afternoon telling passersby how much work he had to do for finals. “I don’t think people get how busy I am. I’ve literally been in the library for 7 hours today,” he complained as he crushed a Redbull. “People say finals are hard, but they shouldn’t be allowed to complain until they’ve been in my shoes.” The Environmental Studies major said his 3 classes and 20 hour a week job has been a source of major stress, and has consequently been spending long hours in the library. “I literally just go to class, work and then the library. That’s it.” At the time of press, the Junior was camped out in the library, watching Netflix and tweeting about his workload.

-Randy Lahoy


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