“It’s Fine” Remarks Passive-Aggressive Friend


“It’s fine,” remarked local woman, Clarice Donovan– who prefers conflict resolution through indirect hostility — in response to a question about her roommate’s friends from high school staying over for a few days.

“This is great!” replied Tad Smith, the roommate, “I haven’t seen these guys in years and it will be great for them to have an opportunity to stay in this town for free for a few nights. I’m really happy that Clarice doesn’t seem to have any problems with it at all.”

When pressed for comment by this publication, Donovan continued to re-iterate that she was, “totally fine with letting them stay for a couple days,” and she had, “no problem as long as they don’t touch my side of the fridge or use any of my pillows.”

With the arrival of the friends from out of town, it was reported that Donovan had updated the room white board with a helpful chart demonstrating which items in the fridge were “OK” to eat and left little notes on each of her belongings with “helpful” reminders about their ownership.

–Mark Wilson


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