Sundborg Legally Changes Name to Father Funborg

06152013- President's Commencement Brunch 2013

SEATTLE – Father Stephen Sundborg, President of Seattle University, has legally changed his name to Father Funborg. When asked if the change was a joke, Funborg stoically answered “No”.

The name change comes at a time of high stress on campus. Many students are feeling tired and irritated due to their finals. Citing the recent atmosphere, Funborg said in an interview, “I’m just trying to come across as the ‘fresh’ dude on campus. I want to be a resource for these kids, not a source of stress.”

It wasn’t until inspecting Funborg’s new business card (of which he gave our team 1000 copies) that Hard Copy noticed his official title: “Fr. Father Funborg, President of Fun Things”. Not only does Funborg officially oversee fun-related university operations, but it is now evident that he literally changed his first name to Father and his last name to Funborg.

– Donnie Rhoads

Photo courtesy of SaintIggy


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