First-Year Student Gets A Head Start on Signing Up For Clubs


With extra time on her hands now that school has ended, incoming first-year student Carrie Nelson reportedly had already scouted Seattle University’s list of clubs and organizations and had ranked them all in order from those she definitely wants to join to those that will be good for her resume.

Noting that her schedule in high school was compact with little room for food and sleep, Carrie acknowledged that the only way for her to feel successful would be to engage in the same activities in college. “I know the competition has got to be tough, you know, competing for spots and all. Like I recently emailed Student Government introducing myself asking questions about their recent merger because if I seek office in the fall, I want to know more than my opponents. The only confusing thing is,” she added, “is that no one has emailed me back with information. I’m starting to think that no one reads their emails or that maybe some of these clubs don’t even exist.”



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