I’ve Never Heard Him Speak or Seen Him Play, but I Hate LeBron James


The NBA Super Bowl is going on right now or whatever, and it’s always Lebron James this and LeBron James that. I’ve seen enough basket balling in my day to know a rotten apple when I see one. When is the constant attention-grabbing going to stop? I, for one, am tired of LeBron James.

I can tell he’s just an arrogant guy. ESPN and other networks are always going on about his wins and his dunks. Who even dunks anymore? Classic unsportsmanlike LeBron. I don’t need to watch a Miami Heat game to know that he’s a total jackass.

You know who I like? That Steven Curry guy. He plays for California and his cute daughter is always speaking at the press conferences. That’s family-friendly entertainment. Where’s your cute daughter, LeBron? Leave it to the rudest guy in sports to not have cute family members boost his public image.

Here’s another thing that grinds my gears- he’s always comparing himself to Michael Jordan! Face it LeBron, you’ll never be as good as the best basketball player ever, so don’t even try anymore. I’m tired of hearing him compare himself and argue with everyone about it. Well, I haven’t heard him say those things, but people are ALWAYS talking about it.

Anyways, like and share if you #HateLeBron like I do. Back to watching the NBA Finale!

– Donnie Rhoads


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