Local Liberal Attempts to Enact Social Justice on Social Media


After a tumultuous couple of weeks of people coming out as women and not black, local liberal Tamara Sosa, took it upon herself to correct each and every person that appeared on her Facebook Timeline or her Twitter Feed that either used the wrong pronouns for Caitlyn Jenner or claimed that transracialism is a thing.

Seeing the connection that both Social Justice and Social Media have the words “social” in front, she naively believed that they could and should be merged. “It’s my duty as a human being of this world to call people out on their non-inclusivity. If I don’t correct them, they’re just going to post uneducated and discriminating thoughts online. Yeah sure their friends may agree, but what about that person who recently unsubscribed from the gender binary? How are they going to feel when someone whom they look up to or are associated with post something that will exclude them? It isn’t for myself, it’s for my friends. My comrades.”

After completing her monologue, Sosa quickly turned back to her computer to continue a debate started after she posted an article from Proud Queer in the comments section of a friend’s post. Although her “comrades” kept texting and calling to discourage her from continuing, seeing that the person she was arguing with was about two comments away from using either a slur or “dumb-fucking liberal,” Sosa continued on with a furrowed brow as Marvin Gaye’s song “What’s Going On” blasted in the background.

“Eventually she’ll get it,” said her best friend, Lollis, “She’ll come to the same conclusion we all reached: Social Justice cannot occur on Social Media. You gotta reserve that space for middle-aged moms to post irrelevant things to walls.”



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