Bobby Jindal: The Ideal Token Friend


When Bobby Jindal first stepped onto the presidential election scene, thousands of  people of color ripped him apart via books and small keyboards in outright disgust:

“Bobby has never supported a single Indian issue, he refused to join the India Caucus when he was a congressman [on] Capitol Hill and is conspicuously absent from any event with a visiting Indian leader” cited Shashi Tharoor in “India Shastra.”

Even Hari Kondabolu, a beloved Indian comedian tweeted against Jindal saying “Bobby Jindal spends 2 hours a day in the shower scrubbing his skin with a brush & screaming “why won’t it come out?” #bobbyjindalissowhite.”

What then do we make of Bobby Jindal if he isn’t even supported by the generalized minority population? “Jindal is the prime example of what we want all token friends to be like.” said analysts Tom Haverford. “First off, he is a person of color, yet he “fits” in. Some people call this ‘assimilation’ or whatever, but really it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s the same idea: He has the same person-of-color presence, but an attitude that doesn’t make conservative whites feel scared about what is going to happen next. Plus, he allows their agenda and ideas to continue on, maybe even get approved because it is all done secretly through the brown, milk-chocolatey skin of a man who has lost touch with how his community actually views him.”



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