Sweaty Teenz: Turning Drops of Sweat to Drops of Sick Beats

Sweaty Teenz from left to right: Koby2012 and Whipt

Sweaty Teenz from left to right: Koby2012 and Whipt

It has been noted that the rap game has supremely reduced the amount of violence, street cred, and beef with artists like Drake—a Canadian rapper, who received his fame from the reality show “Degrassi”—taking the helm and replacing the old G’s like Nas. In an attempt to comprehend this movement from Compton and New York to the suburbs of Colorado and Seattle, Hard Copy sat down with the rap-duo Sweaty Teenz to get an actual interview about some metaphysical shit.

HC: Describe your EP Sweaty + Sensitive. How did it come into existence?

Whipt: Sweaty + Sensitive came into being when Koby and I were ripped out of our minds playing super Mario Strikers on GameCube. We decided then and there to finally put something out.
Koby 2012: What can I say? Money, backwoods, and strikers. Shit’s that MBS. Can’t fuck with it unless you’re on that BS. Luckily we are. Teeeeennnnzzzzzz.

HC:  Everyone wants to know, what does sweaty mean?

Whipt: Sweaty is a state of being. It’s about getting as greasy as possible with your friends.
Koby 2012: Or maybe not even just your friends. Sometimes you’ve gotta sweat yourself up real nice just so you can grease yourself through some crevice that life throws at you.
Whipt: That’s what she said.
Koby 2012: Teeennnnzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

HC: What is the number one cause of sweat?

sweaty concert

Koby 2012: Uhhhh…. Sweaty Teenz shows??? Did you even bother to peep our last set? Perspiration was at unheard levels… the walls were fucking sweating!!

HC: Rumor on the street is that Sweaty Teenz got the trap shit. How competitive is the trap market? And how hard is the rap game in regards to rap groups based out of Jesuit universities?

Whipt: The sweaty bois have the trap shit.  The trap market is absolutely thriving these days and very competitive. Future is my dad and Young Thug is my uncle. You smell me? It’s hard getting respect from the Jesuits. Heavy haters of the trap brand, but we make it happen regardless.
Koby 2012: Market’s competitive, but we stay on top. Competition stays slipping. On our sweat. Shouts out to my boys Slick Jesuits, Dylan Hunno, and Azul, of course. That’s the sweat collective right there. As far Jesuits go, [they] need to divest from fossil fuels. For real.

HC: Do you think you’re behind the rap game or ahead of it?

Whipt: Fuck is that supposed to mean. We ARE the rap game.

HC: Did you expect such a following? You’re up to four people right now on Spotify. Where do you want go from here?

Whipt: Four? Holy shit I am so speechless. That’s huge, fam. I want ten in two years but that’s a big goal. I also want a house in the Keys with a couple single mothers on call. That’s big picture tho.
Koby 2012: I want to set up a non-profit to aid single mothers trapped in Florida. Don’t worry moms, I’ve gotchu. Fuck you, Florida.

HC: For your song “Sensitive (Down in the Middle)” Ft. Azul, how do you get that alfredo western soundscape?

Koby 2012: Fuck you mean alfredo western? It’s definitely marinara… You’ve got yourself fucked up fam.

HC: Do you have any photos of Azul? Can I have one?

Whipt: Here’s a cute pic of me n azul :$11719930_1030337340309675_115035851_n

HC: Can you sensually describe the (presumably) rock hard chiseled abs and strong facial features of Azul? Perhaps write a novella entitled Lost in Azul and provide us with a signed copy?

Whipt: Zul is a sex icon. No way around that. He doesn’t have any print copies out, but I got you when it drops.

Koby 2012: Zul and I are working on the novella, in the form of an audiobook. He’s calling it an album… I don’t know what that means tho? Maybe it’s Portuguese? Until then, all I can tell you is to imagine the perfect bowl of Pho: that’s Zul’s face in a nutshell.

HC: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Macklemore, Iggy Azaelea, and Hoodie Allen.

Whipt: Fuck Iggy, kill Mackerel, marry Woody [Hoodie] Allen.
Koby 2012: Fuck Iggy, marry Mackle, kill woody [Hoodie] Allen then probably marry Mackle again so I can kill Woody [Hoodie] Allen a second time.

HC: Fuck. Marry. Kill:, John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, A signed EP of Juanes’ Tengo La Camisa Negra, and a pound of freshly ground Congo Tsheya coffee from Cafe Vita.

Whipt: I can’t even read that question in a way that makes any sense to me.
Koby 2012: I don’t know who Juanes is but I definitely wouldn’t kill the coffee.

HC: How frequently do you utilize the Bing Search Engine?

Whipt: Bing is the go to when I want to find some cozy pics of Bob Costas.
Koby 2012: Bing is a new and trending search engine that is popular with the Teenz. Grandma, stop using Google. I see you. It’s embarrassing. Do you even see that font???

HC: Last question, are you on Tinder? Would you swipe right for Hard Copy?Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.23.13 PM

Whipt: I’m a tinder fiend. Set my age minimum at 50 and am still looking for the one who can be called my “sponsor.” I’d tap Hard Copy real good.
Koby 2012: Yeah, I’m on Tinder. Had to give shawties a direct line. Had to meet the demand, you know how that goes. I’d probably match Hard Copy. Kinda uneasy about the ‘hard’ element but I guess I could be open to new things.



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