10 Tips for Returning to School: Advice from Hard Copy

As the warm and sunny images of summer begin to come to a close, the return to school can seem a little scary. Knowing the right tips for getting back into the school groove can help ease that transition. Your friendly publication Hard Copy is here to help you, so we put together this list.

Purchase Clorox ® Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox® began as a company over 100 years ago, and knows what it takes to get back into the groove of school. Go to your local supermarket and buy some today!

Purchase Clorox® Regular Bleach

Clorox® was started as a company in Oakland, California by William and Annie Murray. William was known for selling the company’s first products from his Ford Model T. As the company began to grow after Annie gave out free samples, he started to work more time at their original store. Clorox® understands how it can feel to give up on those fun summer road trips.

Purchase Clorox ® Oxi Max® Stain and Odor Remover

Clorox® has the perfect materials for cleaning out the “fun” stains from your summer clothes. Time to get them ready for school!

Purchase Clorox ® Thickcling® Cleaning Bleach

A fun summer usually involves mud. Only Clorox® Thickcling® Cleaning Bleach can help you get rid of those lingering mud stains.

Purchase Clorox ® Triple Action Dust Wipes

Time to dust off those pencils, books, and binders for school to start! Nothing cleans dust better than Clorox ® Triple Dust Wipes!

Purchase Clorox ® Control Bleach Crystals™

Throw all of your dirty summer fun clothes into the washer with this handy product. Only from Clorox ®!

Purchase Clorox ® Disinfecting Wipes and Micro-Scrubbers

Nothing is worse than coming back to a dirty Treehouse. Start preparing for those fun sleep-overs next summer by cleaning your Treehouse today! Only with Clorox ®! Wow!

Purchase Clorox ® 4 in One Disinfecting Spray

Enjoy those last few minutes of summer with Clorox ® 4 in One Disinfecting Spray. Cut cleaning time down and spend more time in the sun!

Purchase Clorox ® ToiletWand® System

Clean bathroom — check!

Purchase Clorox ® ScrubSingles™ Kitchen Pads

Time to clean the summer fun in the mud off of the counters and start making those school lunches!

— Mark Wilson


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