11 Things Only your Liberal Friends Say

We all have our political views, but we all have that liberal friend who just doesn’t know when to turn-off the rhetoric. Here are 11 things we always hear from our friends of the left variety.

  1. “The rich aren’t taxed enough”


Uggg. We’ve all heard this before.

2. “Where is the nearest local fair trade organic coffee shop?”


*Yawn*. Don’t care! 

 3. “What do you know about workers’ comp?”


No. Just no.

   4. “I am concerned about Climate Change”


*roll eyes* Aggggh. 

 5. “Do you want to help me scam the workers’ comp system?”


Not this again. 

 6. “Slam Poetry on Friday?”



   7. “Hey, can you post my bail. I’m a suspect in a workers’ comp fraud scheme?”


For the millionth time — NO!

   8. “Healthcare is a right, not a privilege”

more frustration

Yea. We know what you think! 

 9. “Will you testify in court for me? I’m on trial for manipulating the workers’ comp system”



 10. “We should regulate guns like we regulate cars! Gun crime in America is too high.”


Omg. Not right now. 

 11. “So I won’t be able to pay you next month’s rent. I got a 6 month misdemeanor for workers’ comp fraud”


Yea. No.

— Mark Wilson


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