Journalism Isn’t Dead! Free College Newspaper Reaches Record of 11 People


In the early hours of Thursday morning, the Editor-in-Chief of a local college newspaper awoke to a flood of Facebook notifications. It wasn’t a new profile picture or status about her recent date with her girlfriend that gathered such a social media explosion. It was the previous week’s newspaper articles– and it had been read by 11 people.

Thinking something had to be wrong with her computer, she refreshed and rebooted her computer. She even contacted Facebook with a complaint about inaccurate data. All efforts came back with the same result: 11 people really had read their most recent piece.

She immediately texted her colleagues at the paper to organize an emergency meeting. Something had to be done with this unexpected rise to fame. During the meeting, it was decided that a press release would need to be made. “We were all so excited [at the meeting]” the Editor-in-Chief told other local news agencies, “Although, I can’t say that we weren’t also a little nervous with being catapulted into celebrity status”.

It wasn’t long before the Associated Press, one of the leading journalism associations in the United States picked up on the story.

“Today a bright light shines on the field of Journalism” announced Gary Pruitt, CEO and President of the Associated Press, “There was a time when no one dreamed of a free college newspaper reaching such readership. That day is no longer and we will continue to look towards the bright future that this new generation of newsmen and newswomen will bring”.

What this celebrity status will mean for this young Editor-in-Chief only time will tell. But for now, America can again sleep in peace knowing that the vigilant watch of college newspapers is keeping us safe. Godspeed college newspapers.

— Mark Wilson


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