10 Amazing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! For both couples and single people, this day can be quite stressful. Hard Copy hopes that this list will help smooth some of the expectations and concerns our readers have about the day. Follow these easy tips and you may find yourself having one of the best (and most romantic) days of your life!

  1. Clean your room


Start the day off with a little productivity! Do you really need to keep all those dirty clothes on the floor? Studies show that starting the day with a sense of satisfaction can lead to a better day overall!

2. Pick out your favorite song


Flip through your Pandora radio stations, your record collection, or your Spotify! Pick out a song that really gets you in the groove. Don’t be afraid to move your body! Studies show that dancing can lead to a longer life and better health. Can’t think of a song? Try 7th Element by Vitas! 

3. Eat breakfast!


Grab your favorite breakfast foods and dig in! It’s going to be a long day of fun so you’ll want to have all the energy possible! Some studies show that breakfast can lead to a better Valentine’s day.

4. See what Russian singer and songwriter Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachov is up to


Send a text or a Facebook message over to Vitaliy Grachov, the famous Russian singer and songwriter. Famous for hit singles like Opera #2 (Опера #2) and Light of a New Day (Свет Нового Дня), this pop legend loves to hang out with fans of all ages! Studies show that during February, Vitas often has a more open schedule. So take advantage while he is in town!

5. Shower!


You’ll want to feel clean for when you head out to hit the town. Who knows, you might meet someone special and get that extra special Valentine’s Day handshake! Studies have shown that people who bathe semi-regularly are often more likely to get handshakes.

6. Invite Vitas, the stage name for Russian singer and songwriter Vitaliy Grachov, out to dinner!


It may seem a little forward at first, but the winner of the 2002 National “Ovation” Soloist Award of 2002 would love to grab some kasha (porridge) or tyurya (a type of cold soup) with you! He is probably just too nervous to ask! A researcher once told me that invitations are the best way to know if someone wants to meet up with you. Use this to your advantage!

7. Dress up!


You’ll want to dress to impress for this exciting evening! Remember, Vitas is known for designing all of his own costumes, so he will probably have pretty high expectations. Don’t let this be too much for you though! Just remember the words to his song Fortune Teller, “Fashion is constantly changing//But as long as the world exists//The Gypsy with an old pack of cards//Will have at least one client …”

8. Accept invitation to Techno Dance Party from Vitas


What a surprise! Vitaliy’s Techno parties are usually off-the-hook according to numerous sources. You won’t want to miss this opportunity! What a great way to keep the magic of dinner going!

9. Practice Russian


Despite having an international following, Vitas was born in the Soviet Union and raised in Ukraine. The Russian mega-star may not speak much english, so it will be on you to brush up on your Russian to make sure that the conversation goes well and the party don’t stop!

10. Arrive at Dance Party — have fun!


You’ve done it! You are at last shaking hands and rubbing heels with the great Vitaliy Grachov — Vitas. Enjoy your night and make sure you keep flicking those wrists!


–Mark Wilson


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