Watch out Internet! Bernie Sanders’ Supporters have discovered Facebook!


In a move no one saw coming, supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have taken to the comments section of Facebook to spread support for his Presidency.

“NOW will the media (and the country) take Bernie Sanders candidacy seriously ?? #FeelTheBern” remarked one new commenter on a post about the recent Iowa Caucus.

“I’ll be voting for the first time in this year’s election now that I’m 20 and my vote is going for Bernie! #FeelTheBern” posted another voter, taking advantage of the United State’s new voting age of 20.

Passionate supporters didn’t just stop there. Some even started to bash Sanders’ rival Hillary Clinton. “If Bernie Sanders says it’s gonna rain, it’s gonna rain. If Hillary Clinton says it’s gonna rain, she’s selling umbrellas”. Such amazing wit and political insight like this are certainly hard to top.

Yet again, Bernie supporters have out-done themselves, even making potential running-mate suggestions to the big-man himself! “I would love for Bernie Sanders to announce Elizabeth Warren as his running mate just before Super Tuesday. She would be a great addition to his ticket — and why wait until summer? She can start helping him now!”

We truly live in a new age of political engagement. With this surprising new and bold step into the world of social media, rationality and education will prevail and informed voters will storm to the polls to cast their well-thought out ballots. Though supporters of Senator Sanders might be the first to test these waters, it won’t be long before Cruz, Clinton, and Rubio supporters start to follow!

–Mark Wilson


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