President “Steve-daddy” Sundborg Opens Up About Something Nobody is Talking About


Dearest readers,

I awoke today as each of you did. With my right eye in pain, my toes twitching, and my regrets from the night before making me never want to leave bed. But there’s something else that none of us have been talking about. None of you seem to care.

Our tongues are being held in a prison of our teeth.

You’ve all felt it for years. Isn’t it strange that none of our other body parts are trapped as our tongues are? Not only are teeth scary, but some of them are sharp. They could cut our defenseless tongues. And when your tongue tries to fight back against the teeth, they just stand pat and hold their ground.

Sometimes when I’m alone and not subject to the other Jesuits’ ridicule, I sit and try to let my tongue be free of my teeth. I stick out my tongue for hours letting it feel fresh air and see the outside world. In those moments, I find God. A God who is courageous enough to talk about dental detention.

So students, faculty, staff, I hope this editorial serves as a spark. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to free my tongue, but I hope a dialogue on campus could serve as the beginning of the solution. Together we will figure out an alternative.

Sweetest Salutations,

President “Steve-daddy”

–Chip Otlecoli


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