Stop the Demonic Music: Ban “Battle of the Bands”


Dear Father Sundborg,

As a former student of Seattle University, I implore you to read this letter.

In an apparent rejection of the Christian foundation on which it was founded, Seattle University has — again — allowed a Rock and Roll concert onto its holy ground. Worse yet, this year students themselves are allowed to play the Devil’s music.

Demonic anthems promoting all sorts of sinful activities could be heard from Campion Ballroom late Friday night, clearly eating into valuable prayer and reflection time. I shiver in fear as I write these, as it is a true sign of how far our society has fallen from God. Students could be heard singing about subjects such as the spirit of rebellion, enjoying the “good times”, love for non-procreative purposes, and glorifying trash collecting and raccoons.

To help put a stop to this, I had my home-schooled grandson help me develop one of those websites on the internets. For all of my fellow Christians out there, please sign this petition to help bring back the joy of the faith and the morals of the pre- the rock and roll days.

As a proud retired alumni, I urge you to consider this change. The future of this great nation is at stake.


Dale Huckabee

(–Mark Wilson)


It is also not too late for any of you Catholics out there to consider a change to a proper church that will save your soul and not leave you in sin. Find a good Bible-first Baptist Church near you. And of course, always remember “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them”(Eph. 5:11).


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