Breakout: The Sloths who work at the Registrar have Escaped!


For college students everywhere, registering for classes can be a stressful time. The Office of the Registrar, the administrative agency in charge of registering students for classes has recently had a lapse in their security system. This has lead to an escape of 98% of their workforce, all of whom are sloths!

All over Seattle University’s campus you could see the sloths crawling away. Some sloths were hit by cars, others managed to get stuck in compost bins, and still others managed to get into the Fire Wok line making it take even longer!

Seattle University has announced that the office will have to be closed for the next two weeks as they gather new employees. There are expected to be more massive delays for students trying to register for classes. Looks like this year, registration won’t be so easy!

— Mark Wilson


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