Inspiring: These SU Students attend Sports Events and Write about them!

In these cynical times, it is easy to doubt the impact of a few individuals. But these students at Seattle University are challenging that notion head on! They work together to spread the word of Seattle University’s sports’ teams to fellow students!

Wow! Not only do these brave students track down the teams of sports at SU, but they also tell other students about them. They call themselves “The Spectator”, probably because they watch so many of these games of sports.

They even run their own website! Check out how interactive and user-friendly it is!


Look! They even have a tab for Sports! So Cool.

Contrary to popular belief, you can also click on these links and find articles related to the topic! They even write on topics besides Sports, like movie reviews, student government issues, and events that happen around campus!

Feel free to check it out for yourself too at this link: and NOT this link and NOT this link either

— Mark Wilson


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