Why Students are Actually Taking the SUSS


This week, the Student Government of Seattle University announced that it has released their State of the Undergraduate Student Survey in the hopes that students will actually participate in enhancing their experience for once instead of just complaining about it. In the first few days, students have been responding in outstanding numbers. Given that participation is very rare, HardCopy went out to find out why students are taking this goddam survey.


“I’m taking it because my friend is in SGSU and they will hurt me if I don’t.” Kevin Dostner

“I’m taking the survey because it’s the only thing that keeps me lubricated.” Devin Kostner

“The survey isn’t the devil.” Tevin Osknerd

“The survey is a chance of students to to advocate for what they think should change.” Mallory Barnes

“The questions on the survey are the muse for our next mixtape. Our hit song is gonna be: Feeling like multi faith spaces are really just about one faith.” -Sweaty Teenz

“I heard there’s a chance to win gift cards!” Kosevin Ktner

“I heard that the results will help SGSU fight the Devil.” Tost Keviner


Take the survey here:  https://seattleux.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_elggteuy2nHnHtX



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