Seattle University to Introduce “Stress With Moms” For Less Motivated Students


Seattle, WA – In an attempt to build on the success of De-Stress With Dogs, Seattle University will now also offer Stress with Moms. The event is aimed at the less motivated students, who don’t get stressed out by final exams and consequently under-perform. It features mom’s milling about a room, nagging the students about studying, and pointing out that if they fail they are destined to a horrible life. Shanice Jeffries, organizer of the event said that while there were no problems getting mom’s to participate, “The problem was getting students excited about the event. We ran a focus group, and not one student said they were interested in attending.”

Student Taylor Bolacca agreed. “I don’t know why I would go to that event. I might as well just call my mom and tell her I’m not studying. Like I went to college, to escape all that.” Despite the student disdain, Jeffries remains hopeful. “I really think this event has a chance to be a long-standing student tradition!”

-Juan Albrook


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