8 GIFs that Perfectly Capture How All SU Students Feel About Winter

Every Seattle University student knows the feeling of waking up after 28 straight days of rain wondering whether summer is a real thing or just a dream they had in the night. Here’s 8 things that are classic SU winter experiences:

1. When it’s so foggy out that Father Steve-daddy starts driving his car anonymously and recklessly through campus trying to mow down anyone who stands between him and utter annihilation.


2. When the rain soaks you to your core and you don’t know if you’re legs can continue to carry you up the stairs in Pigott. You continue up until you don’t know whether you are going upstairs or downstairs anymore and it seems like the building has been abandoned. You feel trapped and emerge a few hours later.


3. That moment when the lack of sun makes facism, sexism, and international war crimes seem like a great idea. Slowly you begin growing you orange hair out and incorporating “I” into every sentence. Before you know it you’re the leading Republican race.


4. You begin to wave at yourself in the mirror once you realize you can’t remember the last time you saw another person.


5. Your orgasms become routine and blase like the dreary days themselves. You begin to wonder if you’ll ever cum the same again.


6. That moment when dramas and comedies flip because you’ve watched too much TV. Breaking Bad becomes hilariously funny and you watch the Big Bang Theory like its House of Cards. You talk about the huge twist in BBT with your friends but they don’t understand. The scene below speaks volumes to you but says nothing to others.


7. You start flicking differently. Your finger bends way further up than it used to. But you forget how you used to flick, so you think it’s normal.


8. You get so many stuffed iguanas that you forget which one is the real one. The stress of this fact keeps you alert until spring.


-Chip Otlecoli


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