BREAKING: UCOR Class Full of White Students Solves Racism


SEATTLE UNIVERSITY – An incredible breakthrough was made in a UCOR 1400 class when several white kids sitting in a circle solved the issue of racism in the United States. The classroom, which had almost zero ethnic diversity, erupted in cheering and celebration upon the discovery of the solution.

“It’s simple really- we just stop treating people differently,” remarked Jacob Schneider, who helped spearhead the campaign to end racism in ADMN 123. “As soon as we stop acknowledging ethnicity itself, racism ceases to exist. The idea is foolproof, really.” Jacob then went home and wrote several blog posts about how not all police are bad and that #AllLivesMatter.

The students of ADMN 123 have been collectively nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and are scheduled to meet Vice President Biden within the week (President Obama was unavailable for reasons unknown).

— Donnie Rhoads  


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