Provost Isiaah Crawford: What I Learned About Myself on Craigslist Singles


SEATTLE UNIVERSITY: In an email to all students, it was announced last week that Provost Isiaah Crawford was moving to a new position as President of University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. While many speculated that he had been preparing for a new position for years, Hard Copy reached out to find out what prompted the Provost himself to move schools.

“I find myself on a new journey in terms of my career” the Provost said in an exclusive Hard Copy interview “This journey began when I discovered the website: Craigslist”.

“It started out innocently. Frankly, I needed a new bicycle. So I was searching to see what was available in the Puget Sound area. This one guy in Bothell had a really nice 10-speed for a pretty good price, but then so did this woman in Kent. There were just so many options out there that I didn’t know what to do! Then I found the bike of my dreams in Bremerton and after a short ferry ride and a few hundred dollars I was happier than I had been in a while. You see, all this fighting unionization of adjunct and divestment from fossil fuels had really started to weigh on my mind and once I had this bike — man I just felt freer. So I started to search around Craigslist more”

“Soon enough, I bought couches and coffee tables and a motorcycle and even a new apartment over in Tacoma. Then I found Craigslist Singles.”

“I knew I was home. People just seemed to understand each other. All these acronyms, I felt like I was in grad school again. I knew I had much to learn and I felt humbled by the presence of such knowledge. Before long I had started my own, one based in the mission. Provost looking for whole person who is dedicated to professional formation and empowering leaders for a just and humane world.”

“I won’t bother you with the details, but I will say the outpouring was tremendous. In these conversations with people from the internet I learned of compassion, of mercy, and of ambition. It was then that I knew that another school was calling for me. That position was as the President of the University of Puget Sound.”

“Sure there was some rough times on Craigslist. But that didn’t stop me from working to find myself. And yeah, there were times when people on the site would offer me things that I would have to turn down. But know that the money and the power and the prestige never once got to me. Know that what I have found is authentic and true to who I am.”

“And all of this was thanks to that first bicycle. For that, I am eternally grateful Craigslist.”



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