White Males Too Distressed about Ghostbusters Female Cast to Care about Stuff That Actually Matters


HOLLYWOOD – Protests and riots erupted in Hollywood this week following the release of the new Ghostbusters trailer. Actual victims of hate and discrimination looked on in shock as white neckbeards descended upon the city in an unequivocal rage that could only be fueled by an all-female movie cast.

“It’s just plain disgusting,” said Hubert McSmelly in a comment. “What would Bill Murray say to this nonsense? Girls aren’t supposed to fight ghosts.” For clarification, Bill Murray has had nothing but nice things to say about the new movie.

Columbia Pictures has yet to comment on the immensely negative response to the film (which is largely unwarranted). The Ghostbusters fanbase is demanding a complete recasting of the film to include all of the original actors, the same story, and the same humor and jokes.

— Donnie Rhoads   


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