Squirrels Of Seattle University

Welcome to Squirrels of Seattle University, a new weekly Hard Copy piece that takes a look at the opinions of SU’s many squirrels. While squirrels unfortunately can’t talk or just refuse to talk to me (I’ve tried multiple times), we at Hard Copy have developed a flawless system of reading a squirrel’s body language to decipher their answers to our questions.

This week we asked some campus squirrels what their opinions are on immigration. Check out their responses below.



This squirrel’s hunched posture and clasped hands just scream that he wants to make America great again by building a wall around the country!



There’s only one reason this squirrel could be perched in the tree like that… He hates Mexicans!



This squirrel couldn’t even be bothered with the question. But his bushy tail makes us think he’d give immigrants the cold shoulder too!


Wow! Who would’ve thought the Squirrels of SU would have such strong opinions! Tune in next week for more Squirrels of SU.

-Juan Albrook


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