Ted Cruz Editorial: “If I were on the Titanic, I would only send the rich women and children to the lifeboats”


Trickle-down economics. It’s simple. If we let the women and children on board the lifeboats, we have to really think long term. Think beyond the sinking of the Titanic. If the rich women and children are able to get to safety they are going to go to America — the land of opportunity — and create jobs. This is key. You see, by letting them live and the poor drown in the icy waters of the Atlantic we are promoting economic growth, wealth, and opportunity.

If my shipmates were to ask me: “But Ted! What if we don’t have enough space for all the wealthy?” Simple. Assess net worth and leave the less rich ones. Obviously we will need a smart man like myself to assess the value, which is why I too should join the lifeboats — but frankly that’s besides the point. The thing we need to focus on is all the prosperity that will be promoted by saving these rich women and children.

Besides, there are really too many poor who have only themselves to blame for their condition. You see, if they just worked harder or met the right people then they too would be rich. To help encourage other people of their condition to do as I — and the other rich folk — have done, we must incentivize hard work. Death, I believe, is a pretty strong incentive.

While this may not be popular in the liberal media, I am unashamed to say write this bold column. I thank Hard Copy for the space to write this and I encourage all who wish to fight against politically-correct culture to read up on my similar policies at https://www.tedcruz.org/issues/


Ted Cruz


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