C-Street has an All-you-Can-Eat Cilantro and Dill Bar and it is Amazing


Wow. Listen up all you spice-lovers and lover-spices. C-street has a new all you can eat cilantro and fill bar and it is right up your alley.

Now you can fill up your plate with as much dill as your diaphragm can digest and as much cilantro as your clavicle can cluster.

We at Hard Copy decided to reach out to students to gauge their opinions.

“Finally!” — Donnie Rhoads

“Oh this is perfect! I can write a poem about this and stitch it into a leaf. With some dark photos, I think this will create a really deep and pensive vibe.” — Anna Mclean

“I won’t have to bring my own cilantro from home now!” — Tyler Hill

“I’m in line for it now!” — Owen Goetze

“Frankly I’m upset that the school has stooped this low. Social Justice Warriors have gone too far this time”– Spike, President of the Anti-Spice League

“Got any room in this bar for some of my ole buddy blaze’s special sailor’s cabbage?” — Vice President Joe Biden


— Jebediah


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