Hard Copy Eats: 7 Yelp Reviews by Hard Copy


Rancho Bravo

⅘ stars. The elegant decor will send you on a journey through time back to the 1950’s. The food is excellent and the environment perfect for the post-bar crowd.

Mighty O Donuts

The elephant of cool. ⅘ stars.These delicious donuts will wash through your body like a greased up driveway on a hot summer’s eve. Things sure were great before the divorce. 

Cupcake Royale

A gem among gems. ⅘ stars. The interesting combination of flavors in this cute cupcake shop will definitely have you coming back for more. Just like Dad’s secretary, she just couldn’t get enough from Mom during the divorce proceedings.

Lost Lake

⅘ stars. An amazing diner feel with delicious milkshakes and diner style food. Dad used to take me here after baseball practice, before things were different. Back before he moved to San Francisco with his secretary.

The McDonald’s on Madison

Wow. What an establishment. ⅘ stars. Excellent menu choices for an authentic old school feel and unbeatable prices. Mom would always buy me a burger here on our way back from the Social Services office after Dad left.

Ezell’s Fried Chicken

Awesome blend of spices, juicy chicken, and an amazing crunch. Ezell’s tops the charts in fried chicken spots in the Seattle area. Reminds me of my favorite spots after school when Mom and I moved into the City. When Dad’s child support stopped coming through we just couldn’t afford the mortgage anymore. ⅘ stars.

Washington State Ferry #16 to Bremerton

The last time I saw my mother before she left for the commune on Vashon Island. Excellent clam chowder, friendly staff, and good views. ⅘ stars.




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