Student Can’t Stop Yelling Spring Break


Seattle U student Jason Tifon began yelling “spring break” as he finished his last final as a joke. But now, 4 days later, he is unable to stop. And while people partying on vacation my appreciate his enthusiasm for spring break, it is hurting his relationships with the ones closest to him. “It was funny at first. He’d do it like James Franco does in Spring Breakers and we’d all laugh and yell along with him. But now it’s gotten to the point where it’s damaging our relationship. I told him I loved him last night and all he could say was ‘spring break’,” said Jason’s girlfriend, Kim Bart.  Many of Jason’s friends are concerned that he will continue far after spring break comes to an end and they are working hard to get him the help he needs.  When Jason was asked to comment all he could mutter was a weak “spring break” as a tear rolled down his face.

-Juan Albrook


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