10 Tips for College Activism


While the clouds depart and the warm spring air dawns on Seattle, not all students are planning on relaxing. Some students are planning on addressing systemic and cultural issues that plague Seattle University, Washington State, and the United States. Below are some tips for how to organize a direct-action event.


  1. Pick an Issue

This is an important first step for any activist agenda. Pro tip: If you can’t pick just one mix and match and call it intersectional! This will make you look well informed and credible.


  1. Find Information to back up your point of view.

This can be anything from gossip in the hallways, a claim from a personal website, or even a blog post on Tumblr. Most people get stuck on trying to find peer-reviewed works or official documents and all this fact checking gets in the way of good ole college activism.


  1. White-splain and/or man-splain cause to others.

All of your hard work and unearned social privilege has brought you to this moment. Don’t let others get in the way and expose you to different approaches or ideas.


  1. Pick an action.

This is the most fun part. Now that you’ve narrowed your support and clarified your message, you need to find a way to let the system know you mean business. Some methods that have never failed in the past include protests, sit ins,teach ins, vandalism and petitions.


  1. Update Resume.

Now that you’ve picked your action for your particular message or messages, make sure you include it on your resume for potential employers in the future. You don’t want to let this valuable experience affect job prospects at Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, or Amnesty International.


  1. Pick your Outfit

You need to look your best for the big day. Make sure your labels are recognizable brands but are original enough so that people know you are an individual who thinks for themselves.


      4.Update Social Media

This part is key. Everything from what you say, to the background, to the filter should be scrutinized. Pro tip: post several times during the event on multiple platforms from Instagram to Snapchat to Venmo.


  1. Check Social Media to make sure you got more comments and likes than other actions going on.

You don’t want to be outshined on your big day.


  1. Complain.

Perhaps the most important step. The path to justice is long and difficult and you need to let other people know you are serious. Whatever outcome results from your action complain about how it wasn’t enough. Pro tip: make sure you are the loudest voice too so people remember you. If speaking for another group, speak louder than them.


      1.Go to sleep after celebrating, and wake up in the morning content with yourself for doing the right thing.

Congratulations! You did it! You are officially cleansed from any previous and any future wrongdoings. You are a champion of the people. A warrior for justice. People will for centuries sing your accolades in slam poetry events and protest songs around college campuses everywhere. The sociology department might even name an award after you. Now make sure you take care of yourself and take a month off. You’ve earned it.

–Aunt Ruckus


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