Father Sundborg Caught Wearing Bunny Suit, Hiding Eggs Around Campus


Busted! Father Sundborg was spotted wearing an Easter Bunny costume and hiding eggs around campus! SU’s hippety hoppity bunny-in-charge flashed our reporters a sly smile before he bounced away into the night, leaving a trail of colorful eggs in his wake.

The next day, SU students were joyously searching for eggs around campus, completely unaware of who did the stunt. Eggs were found in study rooms at the library, underneath the pews in the Chapel of St. Ignatius, dangling from the skybridge (consequently, pelting cars and endangering students who entered traffic to collect them), and just about everywhere else you could imagine.

It appears that Father Sundborg made the interesting choice of using raw eggs. Students who got too excited ended up with yolk and broken shells on their hands and clothes.

— Donnie Rhoads


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