Friend Who “Hates Drama” is Somehow Always Causing Drama


You’ve heard it plenty of times. “Ugh, I hate drama. I just try to live a drama-free life, you know?” You and your friend both know that this is a bold-faced lie.

Your friend lives and breathes drama. They feed off of drama. Drama is their lifeblood. Your friend is probably making backhanded comments about another friend right now, and they’re loving the turmoil it is causing. Their twitter account is about 50% “I hate drama” tweets and 50% tweets that blatantly cause drama.

Your friend does not have the gall to admit that they love drama. Some people openly embrace the drama, but not your friend. Perhaps the fact that they claim to hate drama is just another mechanism for creating more drama. Your friend is pretty smart, in that regard.

— Donnie Rhoads


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