Three Burned to Death at Reignite the Mission Rally


In what is being called “a horrible misunderstanding” and “a dark day at Seattle University”, three people were reported to have died during the latest Reignite The Mission rally.

Reignite the Mission is a student organization that works to catalyze radical change on Seattle U’s campus. While the organization does have a list of “demands” for the University, none of these have anything to do with fire, pyrotechnics, or arson.

An anonymous representative from the group had this to say to Hard Copy. “We as an organization are truly saddened by this turn of events and we hope that students in the future get the right information about us. We have NOTHING to do with fire so please don’t bring lighters and gasoline to any of our events”.

The event, which was focused on University divestment from fossil fuels, had started with several speeches by professors and activists. It wasn’t until the last speech that the fire erupted from the back row in what was assumed to be an attempt to actually ignite the mission.

While our thoughts are with the victims and their families of this tragedy, we hope that in the future those trying to reignite the mission of reignite the mission will try and reignite the mission in a more symbolic way rather than with fire itself.



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