Parents ‘Really Don’t Get’ Why Their Kids Will Vote for Bernie Sanders


“The America we grew up in valued letting the poor die if they fell on hard times,” laments Barbara and Dale McKutchen, “I just don’t get why our kids don’t value that.” Parents are appalled by Bernie Sanders’ policy suggestions since it seems like he’s trying to stop breaking the backs of America’s working class.

“Did we fail as parents? Did we not teach our kids that the only way people work hard is if they are threatened with death upon reaching unemployment?” cried out Maria Ortiz. “DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND THAT THAT IS WHAT SEPARATES US FROM THOSE ECCENTRIC EUROPEANS???”

One parent was found shouting at their 20 something over a Skype call that was supposed to be a casual check-in. “Hillary Clinton will keep things the way they’ve always been!! Corporations should have a lot of legislative power!! Why can’t you wrap your head around that, numbnuts?!?!?!” exclaimed the matriarch.

–Chip Otlecoli


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