RA Requirements to change from Heart, Brains, Courage to Just Courage to boost Applications


SEATTLE UNIVERSITY — In an effort to boost applications for the position, the Department of Housing and Residence Life has reduced requirements for the Resident Advisor position. The changes include a removal of all anatomical requirements including “Head” and “Heart”, only leaving “Courage”.

“We hope that this really boosts the number of applications we get for the positions” said Administrator Tim Albert. “Really having a brain or a heart were irrelevant to the position, and frankly a little ableist. We think this change will help make the campus sound more inclusive and work towards a more just and humane Seattle University”.

Several students had things to say in regards to the change. “I’m glad they made the change. It sounds really good” said Junior Sociology student Gwen Stafford. “Finally! I am eligible” responded The Headless Horseman on a recent dark and stormy night. “I still don’t think I have the courage to deal with housing” whispered a student who wished to remain anonymous.

— Mark Wilson


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