Trump Loses Supporters After Promising To Abolish “Black Market”


In a shocking turn of events, polls show Donald Trump losing ground in the Republican primary race after a speech in which he vowed to crack down on the “Black Market.” While Trump later clarified that he was referring to the illegal drug markets that have exploded with the help of websites like Silk Road, many of his supporters made their own assumptions and have withdrawn their support. “I didn’t know there was a black market anymore, but believe me, if I had known, I would not be mowing my own lawn every weekend,” said ex-Trump supporter Don Alves. “People are so p.c. these days it makes me sick. What I do with my own money is my business. If I want to buy something, and I have the money to do it, why stop me?” Questioned fellow disgruntled Republican Stacie Stevens. The vague statement made by Trump has resulted in a huge drop of support, and Trump is now projected to lose the primary without racist-America’s vote. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has also expressed concern at Trump’s proposed policy and has vowed to financially support Trump’s opponents.

-Juan Albrook


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