Hard Copy Asks, Seattle University Obeys: Spotify is Back


Seattle, WA — After a scathing satirical article, Hard Copy Satire has forced the administration’s hand into bringing Spotify, the streaming music service, back to campus. After receiving a whopping 64 views from students across Seattle University, the outcry was so great the OIT had to stop being assholes.

“Hard Copy is hard hitting,” the head of network services at ITS Dint Clicus bemoaned, “They say sticks and stones can break your mainframe, but words can never hurt you. I had always believed that to be true, before I was struck with that damn potent satire.”

“ALL HAIL DONNIE RHOADS!” shouted grateful students with some instrumental music blasting on Spotify in the background. Mr. Rhoads wrote the satire in silence last week and seems as though he is not fully satisfied with the progress. “All I know is Dint Clicus is going to lose his job. We will not stop speaking satire to power until he is unemployed for at least three months.”

— Chip Otlecoli


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