Redhawk Ineptitude: SU Students already out of password Ideas


After two long quarters at Seattle University, students are already going to great lengths to come up with new password ideas. In order to connect to SU Secure, students and faculty must change their password every 90 days. We interviewed random students to ask how they come up with new passwords:

Eb Ony: “I usually just pick a random food and add 123 at the end of it, you know? Apple123, Artichoke123, Pomplemouse123.”

Janet Frackle: “Oh, mine are always about what is frustrating me at the moment I make it. Like, lettheadjunctfacultyunionize1, divestfromfossilfuels2, or takeyourclothesoutofthedamndryer87.”

Peter Malark: “Mine are always types of bread, wholegrain1, sourdough1, baguette1.”

Steve-daddy Sundborg: “I didn’t know when we implemented this policy that it would be such a struggle for our students. I always just use variations of my name, steve123 redhawkdaddy1, urfathasundborg1.”

It has been speculated that passwords must contain a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, a number, a symbol, a drop of blood, and a photo of a panda.

-Fran Tick


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