Bistro Introduces New “Build, Cook, and Pay For Your Own Pizza” Option


Students at Seattle University are buzzing after a recent announcement by the Bistro. Starting next year, the Bistro will offer a “Build, Cook, and Pay For Your Own Pizza” option! Now SU students will be able to customize their pizza like never before. They can dedicate their whole afternoon to making pizzas- even a whole day if they happen to mess up a few times!

Reactions from SU students and faculty have been overwhelmingly positive:

“I love the new option! Like, I’ve always wanted to do literally all the work when I don’t feel like cooking.” – Roberta Esquire Smith

“Honestly, this decision is far overdue. How rude is it for strangers to touch your food?” – Finnigan Winnigan

“Calzones are my favorite midnight snack.” Father “Steve-Daddy” Sundborg

Pizzas will come in whatever size people make them, and toppings will cost however long it takes to grow vegetables and butcher meat.

— Donnie Rhoads


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