Student Manages to Perfectly Balance School, Work, and Social Life


“When my day seems a little hectic, I just make sure to take a break between my 8:00am class and my 9:15am shift as an intern at Boeing to do a little morning meditation.” These are the words of Alex Mell, a Seattle University sophomore who always manages to do everything on their list of New Year’s Revolutions. Mell believes that to have balance each person should treat life like a bicycle, always moving forward.

But how can one have balance if they are too tired? “The trick is to be okay with being sucked deeper into debt as you simultaneously are trying to obtain a degree to get the job that will get you out of that debt.” The triangle of perfect college experience is strong with this student, Alex says that they manage to work 25 hours a week, participate in multiple extra curriculars, and make the dean’s list each quarter. “I reserve weekends for kickbacks, though,” says Alex, glancing at their watch, “It’s important to be well rounded.”

Multi-disciplinary, politically correct, easy to get along with… I think they absolutely encompass the five pillars of education at Seattle University,” Said Father “Steve-Daddy” Sundborg after being asked to comment on Alex’s stunning performance as a student.  Congratulations Alex Mell! We wish we had a time travel bike too.

–Fran Tick


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