When I Die, Please Name a Water Fountain After Me


Dear Friends, Family, Fans, and Countrymen,

Life is finite. Someday, no matter how powerful or marginalized, rich or poor, influential or chastised we are, we will meet our maker. When that time comes for me, please create a new water foundation and put a plaque on it with my name.

I can think of nothing more symbolic of my life than a water fountain. In my days of life still on this beautiful earth, I relish in the thought that some day people of all ages, races, genders, and religions might drink from a water fountain that bears my name.

While I know not what my obituary will speak of, I feel nothing would be more humbling than seeing an inscription on a water fountain bearing my name or even my initials. So many of the great people of our past live on in our lives and on our water fountains, serving as beacons of refreshment for be future. Someday, I hope to join them.

— Mark Wilson


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