An Open Letter to the Students Who Skip My Class


Dear so called students,

It pains me that I have to write to you under the current circumstances. Look, I like you and all, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I have only seen you once this week, you came to class half dressed in your pajamas and awkwardly cut in front of me as you jostled through the rows of students who seem to care about their education. How did this happen?

Likely, you were a student who took pride in your attendance record during your elementary school years. Maybe you feel that classes are less fun now, I understand. But don’t you feel guilty for not coming to class? Don’t you feel guilty for wasting your parent’s hard earned money? I know that you are comforted when you tell yourself, “It’s just one class.” But, your days of begging your classmates for notes, inventing ridiculous reasons for why you weren’t there, and ultimately sucking up to me must come to an end.

I’m sure you had a great time shrinking responsibility, you will likely miss staying up late to complete assignments at the last minute, and I’m positive that your sleep deprived days will be longed for, once you get your life together, but the time has come for you to come to class. Besides, if you skip you’ll probably miss something important, no matter what the syllabus says. Pop quiz, anyone?


Your Professors


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