Microphones Banned From Classrooms After Epidemic of “Mic Dropping”


SEATTLE, WA — What started for Becky Yon as a playful jab at another student, has turned into the hottest trend at Seattle University. After rebutting a fellow student’s argument in a gender studies class earlier this quarter, Yon pulled a microphone out of her pocket, stood up, and dropped it, inciting a loud “ooooo” from the class. Soon her other classmates were doing it, and it quickly lost its initial charm. “Students are doing it for anything. I’ll ask a question, and every single one who answers it will pull out a microphone and drop it. It’s ridiculous.” Said Math Department teacher Day Jash. “I teach math, it’s not like we have heated debate in my classes. It’s gotten so bad students will raise their hand just to drop a mic, without having said anything.” While teachers are alarmed at the trend, students don’t seem to be getting tired of it. “You know it’s just a great way to put an extra umph into your response. It’s like using an exclamation mark really,” Said Sophomore Landers Field before pulling a microphone out of his pocket and dropping it. Public safety officers are currently leading campus wide microphone raids in an attempt to stifle the trend.

-Juan Albrook


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