Seattle U to Make Mandatory UCOR Class Available Every 5 Years


SEATTLE, WA – In an announcement that surprised no one, Seattle University has made the UCOR course “Introduction to College Writing” available for one quarter every 5 years. The course, which all undergraduates must take to graduate, is meant to prepare students for the higher quality of writing that is expected at a university. The policy change will force all incoming freshman to be at least 5 year students, as the class will not be offered until 2021. All current students who have not yet taken the requirement, are doomed to another 5 years of debt and useless electives. “We felt that students were rushing through their education, and we really wanted to help them slow down and appreciate it.” Said Father Sundborg when asked about the motives behind the policy change. “I think this really shows that we care strongly about our students money–er I mean education!”

-Juan Albrook


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